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There is a saying 

Precaution is better than Cure.


Take care of your system so that it will not need any doctor to fix it. 


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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

System Start Up Problems

What Happened To Your System
Not starting at all---

 When you press the power button on your system, you just wait to see the welcome window on your screen. but what if  it does not come up... It was working fine when you last turned it off.. now what happened.

You have to do a little investigation to find out the reason behind this problem. In our(computer technician) language we call this issue as BOOT FAILURE. Now if your system is having a boot failure be a detective and search for it. Let me show you how to find the culprit (note down everything from the start on a paper so that you can refer it later)..

If you system is not getting any power, means when you press the power button and it don't show any light, the problem is from outside the computer and not related to any software. So its not a big deal, most probably your problem will be solved by checking these following points..

Power Cord (cable or wire)...Check each end of the cord to make sure it is tightly
in place. Also check the cables that is connected to your monitor.
Power supply switch Check if your computer’s power supply has an on/off switch. This button, located on the back of your computer, can get accidentally off.
Motherboards and power supplies Most motherboards have a small light on them that lights up when the power supply is connected, even if the PC is off. If this light is lit, your PC is getting power,and your problem lies elsewhere.

Error Message before windows loads..
If your system is getting the power and it turn on but stuck on an error message, then it is something you should be worried about. Most of time it happen because of some new hardware or software. Some of the error message:

Easy one: 

If you are getting an error message that offer you start windows with
last known good configuration: select if you do not the reason of issue.
safe mode: select if you have recently added a new hardware.

Before starting the system make sure there is no removable media like floppy disk, pen drive, external hard disk or a CD/ any drives. If you are seeing any error message regarding keyboard, most likely the cable is loose or your keyboard need to be replaced.

Other issues:
if you are getting any error message like
Unexpected Interrupt In Protected Mode..,, NTLDR missing etc..
your system need a technician to solve these kind of issues.

Error messages after window launch

system recoveryIf your window launches but stuck on any error message and does not go any further, you need to be a professional to solve these issue. The reason can be viruses, software updates or drivers. You have to go in the advance boot menu option and then to safe mode to find out the exact reason of the problem. sometime it can be worse that do not even let you to enter in the safe mode, than you have to repair or format your system.

A Continuously Restarting PC
If your computer is restarting again and again ,can have a number of causes, including faulty or unseated memory modules; out-of-date, corrupt, or missing drivers; software conflicts,virus or malware; bad software or bad hardware. In all you need to solve it as soon as possible so that it wont effect your system more.

The guide to a complete care..
whenever a boot failure occur it is important to to fix it immediately. You can contact a professional technicians for step by step guide to fix your PC. And take our word; your PC will start again and will give you its best. Because we are here to TURN THE WORST INTO THE BEST.

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PcC is not starting | No Power

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Antivirus Support

Antivirus Technical Support-- Free Tune Up

 Antivirus: why I need it???

A virus is to kill your system and an antivirus is to kill the virus. It is so simple like you have an enemy who wants to kill you and you appoint a guard to protect yourself. Same way you install an antivirus program on your system to protect it from the enemy named as VIRUS. But your system do not have a enemy, there is so many enemies (viruses) that you can not even count  and you think your antivirus will handle them all alone. you need the best to turn the worst.

which one to choose?? 
  So many viruses and so many antiviruses... Damn! its so confusing which one is best and will protect your system. Well today an antivirus will not at all help you in your fight against the viruses. You need a complete security package to win this war. A total security package includes antivirus to clean up your system, internet security for spyware and malware programs and protection from new viruses. and the most important, what ever you choose make sure it would not slow down your system. From my point of view please do not try the trail versions.. they will make your system a mess.

A single Guard: is it enough??
 you may think that there are so many viruses and threads, so you need more antiviruses and tools to make your system secure. So you install everything you get to make your system safe.
Big Mistake: yes, it is a big mistake to install more than one antivirus on a system. They will not protect your system but start conflicting with each other and make your system slow. Try to get the best security package for your system and it will enough if you manage it properly.

Take Care..
so you got the best antivirus and security for your system, now all you have to do is take proper care of it so that it will take care of your system. Full scan your system once a week so that your system remain clean. Update your antivirus daily for new virus definition.

Update your antivirus.
You do not have to worry about that as most of the new antivirus software update automatically. But you should check at a regular interval that your antivirus is up to date. If it is not taking update you should install the updates manually. Its not an easy task so we are here to help you. we will guide you how to update your antivirus software and all the other problems related to your antivirus software. 

Uninstalling(removing) an antivirus..
  Installing an antivirus is so easy but removing it from your system is a big task. because uninstalling it will not remove it  totally from your computer. It will still remain in your system folders and will conflict with your new antivirus software. Try to uninstall it with an antivirus uninstaller program. It will not help much because you have to remove some system files manually.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Virus Removal

Virus removal Free support

Virus: An assassin for your system

Virus is an agent that can replicate itself and spread  from one system to another. it is a software program written just to spoil your system and corrupt your files. To protect your PC from these viral infections you need an Antivirus program. An antivirus program scan your computer, detect virus and try to kill it.
So Easy it look?!!!

But not in reality. you have a very good antivirus, still your system is infected and you don't even know how it happened. There are millions of viruses on the internet and hundreds of new viruses are being created everyday.
You can never find out from where they are coming. but you can save your computer by taking a little more care of it.

How to check the system is under attack!!!

1. System is running slow.
2. You are not able to access some of your files.
3. some of your applications has stopped working.
4. your system doesn't start up .(you dint even made any changes)
5. getting error messages and annoying pop-ups.
6. system is restarting in a cycle.
7. and so on....

So the assassin is on your system.. But from where it came from..

1. Surfing social networking sites
2. Downloading unknown software
3. Email
4. Transferring files from some media i.e. pen drive, Bluetooth etc.
5. Unknown Resources. 

Now  what? how to kill it before it kill your system...

You system need a complete clean up to remove all the viruses. Scan and remove all the viruses from your system with a good antivirus program.There are many antivirus software available in the market today. But you do not need just an antivirus but a complete protection suit for your system.To give your system every kind of protection from not only the viruses but other malwares also.

 Scan your computer on a regular basis. Update your antivirus software daily and check all the files before downloading it to your system.

Monday, 6 February 2012

System Restore

Back Up Plan -- System Restore:

Windows gives a feature of system restore which helps you to roll back your system to a previous point.It is useful in case of minor problems like incorrect software installation or driver conflicts. whenever your system is in a problem and you do not know the cause of it just restore your system to the date when it was working fine. System restore usage a disk space on your system but does not make your system slow. you can configure the disk space used by a restore point. it is a good practice to create a restore point before installing any new application or a driver or before playing with your system files!!!

Let us show you how:
Restore system to a previous point:
1. Go to start right click on Computer. Go to properties.

2.Click on the System Protection on the left hand side.
3. Click on System Restore and then on Next to get the restore points.

4.Select the point where you want your system to roll back.(click on show more restore point if you cant find the date point) on Next and then on Finish to restore the system.

your system will shut down and restart to make the changes. Do not restore the system if you had recently changed your password and do not remember the last one.

Configure a system restore point

1. Go to Start right click on Computer. Go to Properties.

2.Click on the System Protection on the left hand side.
3.Click on Configure to manage the settings and the amount of disk space usage.

4. Adjust the slider to minimum 5%, that would be enough.Click on Apply and then on OK.

Manually create a restore point:

1. Go to Start right click on Computer. Go to Properties.

2.Click on the System Protection on the left hand side.
3.Click on Create to set a new restore point.
4. Type in the description to identify your restore point.

5. Click Create and you are done.

If you encounter any problem in it Please feel free to ask. 

We are here to help you,

Bye for now.
Take care 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Slow Startup Problem

PC running slow

Does Your System Wake Up Late!!!

You press the power button on your system and then you have to wait for the window to load. when your system was new you just have to wait for few second to see you desktop, but now you have to wait and wait and more wait...... 

why this happen to your system..

Dont worry its not that your system is getting old, so it take time to wake up.. its because
when you turn on your computer, a lot of programs put themselves in the startup folder.
Unnecessary startup items should be managed to start your system a bit faster.
Its easy with the help of System Configuration Utility.

 let me show you how.. on start button, and then click Run(for win XP) or search program and files (for win 7).

2.Type msconfig in the box and hit Enter. You will see System Configuration and Utility box.

3.Go to Startup tab. There is the list of all programs launching on windows Startup.

4.Now just uncheck the programs you do not want to run automatically on startup.
  BE CAREFUL. Just disable the program you know about and you do not want. Apply and then click OK.

6.Reboot Your windows for the changes to take effect.

Hope it will help you..

Take Care

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crystal Care: For your PC

Your PC is like a baby..can start crying anytime.
All It need is Proper care and love.

If you do not know how to do that it wont survive for long.
E Crystal Care is here to help you.
We will be with you soon for the crystal care of your PC.

Wish your PC a wonderful Life.

Take Care